Located in the heart of Kenitra, MasterBEC Business English Centre is one of the leading English teaching institutions in our district. We specialize in Business English, yet since its foundation in June 2004, it has been offering a variety of English courses at all levels for all ages.

We also offer tutoring courses in French and Spanish. Prospective students are required to take a placement test in order to be placed in their actual class level. Our placement test stresses the four language skills. Thus, teachers always interview students before they can start their regular classes.

We realize that teachers should pay attention to students needs on an individual level. That is why our classes range between six students as a minimum and twelve as a maximum capacity. One of MASTERBEC core values is offering high quality courses.

We are the first center to offer Arabic courses to non-native speakers. Students feel like a second home at MASTERBEC because of the friendly atmosphere and the sense of cooperation within our center.